Professional construction site Management and execution

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Construction Plans

For owners, developers and Consultants

The efficiency of construction is often defined by the quality of the contract descriptions. Bad or incomplete descriptions lead to disputes, extra work and consequent financial consequences.

Site-Consult offers assistance in designing descriptions and tender material so that your project gets off to the best start.

Architectural Modelling

For Contractors

All contractors have a desire to optimize its production. By making use of Site-Consult's experience in the design and operation of the construction site, your own production can focus on what they are best for - whether it is plant, raw house, technical contracts or as a main contractor. We offer everything from control to completely running the operation of the construction site.

Construction Site

Health and Safety

Site Consult bases all its activities on a maximum level of safety and health.

We offer, among other things:

  • Review of the construction site with proposals for safety optimization

  • Sign plan and signage

  • Induction training

Site-Consult works with a range of providers of EHS related course activities and can therefore offer virtually all types of security courses.



Site-Consult was founded in the beginning of 2018 by Bjarne Piilgaard and was originally run as a consulting company where Bjarne was primarily involved in planning, arranging and operating a large construction site in connection with the construction of a data center in Fredericia.

in 2019 Site-Consult undertook tasks with advice and market analyzes for the equipment rental industry, especially regarding the Fehmarn tunnel.








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